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Supplemental Dental Coverage

Tweet Not all health plans cover dental procedures.  Many require that you purchase a separate dental rider.  HMO plans often carry dental, but most of what is covered are two fillings a year, 30% coverage on a crown and a dental exam with two x-rays.  Beyond that, health insurance plans that do not specifically cater […]

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Finding the Lowest Priced Dental Policy for Individuals

Tweet Dental coverage for individuals is more reasonably priced than any other type of policies.  It is also one of the least carried policies in the United States according to 2009 figures.  This is very surprising because most policies for dental insurance for individuals runs about 5 times cheaper than an average cable bill. Dental […]


Dental Policies for Individuals

Tweet Does your health insurance cover dental insurance or vision?  Health insurance policies very rarely include dental insurance for individuals.  In fact some group and family plans don’t include dental plans and companies have to go through another insurance company to provide that coverage for their employees.  If you have discovered that your health insurance […]

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Types of Dental Coverage

Tweet While you’re looking for dental insurance you should look to see if they are covering three broad areas as well as what is included in those areas for them to cover. Preventative procedures are one of the broad categories, which include regular cleanings, x-rays, and sealants. Depending on the insurance some of these can […]

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Dental Coverage for Individuals

Tweet Knowing the right kind of insurance agency to get dental insurance for individuals may be difficult for some people to understand simply because they do not know the differences. There are a few different kinds of agents like and insurance agency’s directly, a captive, and then there are independent agents. Each type has a specialty to […]

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Preventive and Diagnostic Dental Care Insurance

Tweet There are very few dental plans that do not cover the basics.  The basics are generally viewed as costs in preventing serious dental issues.  That would include at least one checkup per year and cleaning but may also include other services such as fluoride treatments and gum and tooth disease prevention. This type of […]

Dental Insurance for Individuals

Dental Insurance for Individuals

Tweet Some people believe that dental insurance is an expensive addition to health insurance. However, in many cases it can be purchased at a reasonable price. People often overlook the importance and need for dental health and regular exams. Just like a regular physicals, yearly dental exams can find potentially fatal results such as oral […]

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Dental Insurance Necessary?

Tweet People consider insurance to be in two categories, the necessary and the fringe. For instance car and home are required by the lenders that loan money for homes and by the state governments for cars to legally drive. Dental is considered to be a less than necessary. While this may be a common thought, […]

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Dental Insurance for Dental Health

Tweet Dental health and purchasing dental insurance is often overlooked when it comes to its importance to the rest of the body. While some health insurance plans cover dental expenses, this often causes the premium to go up, something not everyone is able to afford.   This is a mistake that many Americans make every […]

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Cheap Dental Coverage

Tweet One of the major deterrents in purchasing dental coverage is that it is usually very costly. While there is a large amount of importance placed on oral care, many people simple need to use the money for other bills and required insurance. These people are taking large risks with their health by opting out […]