Supplemental Dental Coverage

supplemental dental insuranceNot all health plans cover dental procedures.  Many require that you purchase a separate dental rider.  HMO plans often carry dental, but most of what is covered are two fillings a year, 30% coverage on a crown and a dental exam with two x-rays.  Beyond that, health insurance plans that do not specifically cater to dental coverage are very limited.

Supplemental dental insurance is  a way to save on some of the costs that you will rack up if you just rely on your dental coverage through your health insurance company.  Some of the most commonly known supplemental dental plans are referred to as dental discount plans.

With a dental discount plan, you may a monthly fee and received a discount from your dentist for services that are being paid out of pocket.  Most plans start at around five dollars.  If you are a student, then you should look into the same kind of plan, but one that is geared towards students.  This is great coverage to have if you have just lost your insurance from your parents.


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